The musical moniker of LA-based multidisciplinary artist Alys Hoy, Roehind draws upon elements of European folk music, electronica, and worldbeat to craft a unique and compelling sound that is both ethereal and embodied, ancient and immediate. 

Born and raised in East Tennessee, she developed a fascination with foreign music at a young age after the one-two punch of finding a Sailor Moon videotape at Sam Goody in the original Japanese, followed shortly by seeing a live production of Riverdance. Discovering artists from new countries and puzzling over their incomprehensible lyrics soon became a life raft amid the isolation and confusion of growing up as a queer, neurodivergent kid in the buckle of the Bible Belt. Now a self-professed "recreational linguist" who can sing in over a dozen languages, she brings an academic precision to every song, playfully fusing styles, transgressing genres, and spanning continents in her pursuit of new sonic horizons.

Her debut album BUILE is an electronic-infused exploration of songs old and new from the Celtic tradition. Listen now on Spotify, Bandcamp, or your favorite streaming platform.


What does "roehind" mean, and how is it pronounced?  
Roehind is a rather archaic term for a red doe. It is pronounced with a long I /aɪ/ as in "mind." I picked it in the hopes that it would be an easy word for my English-speaking listeners to pronounce on sight. I have since learned that I am a bad judge of such things.  

How long have you been making music?  
I decided to seriously pursue singing in 2019 and started teaching myself to record and produce in 2020 as my lockdown activity.  

Do you ever sing in English?  
I sing in English to my pets all the time.  

If you were a muffin, what flavor of muffin would you be?  
Lemon poppyseed.